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To obtain a pottery apprenticeship to improve my throwing and decorating skills, to gain knowledge of wood-firing, gas-firing and salt-firing techniques, and to develop the confidence to set up my own pottery. I am looking for an experience that will give me a solid foundation in production throwing and the business of making a living in pottery. I hope to contribute a willingness to work hard, an eagerness to learn and an enthusiastic attitude.

work experience

 Coil Building Large Vessels, Siler City, NC. June 2009

Focus on making large pots using the coiling technique. Course offered through Central Community College with instructor David Stuempfle.

Large Platters, Star, NC. July 2009 
Workshop at Starworks Ceramics that covered throwing large platters and bowls with instructor Hitomi Shibata. 
Capping and Coiling, Siler City, NC. October 2008 
Focus on capping and coiling techniques used to make large pots with instructor Jennifer Siegel offered through Central Carolina Community College.

Dover Pottery, Seagrove, NC. March 2007-April 2008

Apprentice tasks overseen by Joe Cole that include: Mixing and preparing clay; Preparing work for the kiln; Loading and unloading bisque kiln, Preparing glazes and slips; Preparing wood for the kiln; Firing the groundhog kiln; Keeping the workshop tidy.

Sectional Throwing, Siler City, NC. June 2007

Focus on throwing large pots in several sections. Course offered through Central Carolina Community College with instructor David Stuempfle.

Historic Kiln Wood Firing, Carbonton, NC. March 2007, December 2007

Firing of a 350 cubic foot modified groundhog kiln. Course offered through Central Carolina Community College with instructor Joe Cole.

Penland Fall Concentration, Penland, NC. September 25-November 17, 2006

"Structure, Ornament, and the Wood fired Pot" Instructor Michael Kline with visiting artists Kim Ellington & Mark Shapiro. This was an eight week concentration on the interdependent relationships of pattern, form, material, and process with an emphasis on throwing and altering large and small functional pots. We also explored surface decoration - brushwork, slip and underglaze painting, wax resist, incising, and slip trailing. Kim Ellington and Mark Shapiro each joined us for one week. They demonstrated their methods and discussed their approach to clay and fire. The class fired the double chambered Noborigama wood kiln a total of four times during the eight week session. Also covered in this session was locating, excavating and processing local clay.

Simon Leach Pottery, Castellon, Spain. May 2006

Two day tuition with a focus on cylinders, handles and spouts for a pouring vessel with Simon Leach.

The Clay Centre, Carrboro, NC. April 2006

"Saturday Wheel" with Aaron Weaver. -Additional guidance to refine throwing skills.

Durham Tech Community College, Durham, NC. February 2006

"Creating a Successful Art Business" with Carol Hewitt.-Focus on the business aspect of an artists' career.

Claymakers, Durham, NC. October 2003 – February 2009

* February 2009 -" Teapots" with Susan Filley.
* September 2008 - "Teapots, Cups and Saucers" with Susan Filley.
* June 2008 - "Throwing Tall Vases and Pitchers" with Laura Korch.

* October 2007-"Plaster Press Molds" with Jeremiah Huth.

* September 2007-"Uncommon Vessel" with Sarah White.

* August 2006 -"Glazing and Firing in the Electric Kiln" with Ronan Peterson.

* July 2006 -"Developing Form, Making better Pots" with Susan Filley.

* January 2006- "Glazes and Glazing" with Leonora Coleman.

* December 2005-" Forms for the Japanese Tea Ceremony" with Barbara McKenzie.

* October 2005- "Continuing Wheel" with Debra Harris.

* September 2005- "Continuing Wheel" with Debra Harris. * December 2004- "Place Settings" with Ronan Peterson.

* June 2004- "Summer Soda Firing" with Ronan Peterson.

* January 2004- "Put a Lid on It" with Ronan Peterson. * October 2003-" Sculptural Forms from Thrown Elements" with Ronan Peterson. Millsaps College, Jackson, MS. August 1999- April 2000

* April 2000- "Raku Firing" with Thomas Morrison.

* August 1999- "Introduction to Pottery" with Thomas Morrison.


University of Mississippi 1999 Doctorate in Pharmacy University of Mississippi 1997 B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science



*Wheel-throwing and Hand-building

*Clay and Slip preparation

*Glaze mixing

*Wood kiln operation

*Electric kiln operation


*Apple OS X

*Microsoft Word


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